Monday, October 22, 2007

The Initial Player Experience in a Star Trek MMORPG

Some of the items on my personal wish list of things I'd like to experience in a Star Trek MMORPG:

  • figure out how an abandoned alien technology works

  • reconfigure the main deflector dish to emit an inverse tachyon pulse (why? no reason -- it just sounds cool)

  • make a successful first contact with a new civilization

  • interact with characters from Star Trek in some way that's unique to my character

  • save lives by solving a medical mystery

  • perceive a long-term threat to the Federation and direct strategic resources to successfully counter the threat

  • peacefully resolve a trade dispute

  • reprogram someone's sonic shower to cover them with mud

  • induce a warp core breach

  • prevent a warp core breach

  • choose between interfering with a pre-warp culture or allowing it to be exploited or injured

  • use the ship's sensors to detect a cloaked ship

  • reprogram an antimatter regulator to spray chili sauce

  • visit Vulcan and spend weeks exploring all aspects of the culture

  • explore strange new worlds

  • seek out new life and new civilizations

  • find some places to boldly go where thousands of players haven't already gone before