Friday, January 4, 2008

Food Buffs

Originally Posted by Falin:
I hate, and i mean hate, games that make you eat and drink otherwise you get all sorts of negitive effects. I'm hoping for all that is Tek, they leave food and water requirements out of the game.
Ditto, except I also feel the same way about foods or liquids or other ingestibles that confer buffs. Buffs are the crack cocaine of MMORPGs; once you start depending on them, you can't play without them, and that completely skews your (in-game) life.

Buffs are a cheap "feature" dumped into a game by developers who are too lazy to take the time to think up and implement active gameplay content.

Just Say No.

(Food and drink that have no character or world effects whatsoever -- other than to take up space and look good -- are fine by me, though.)