Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lessons of Star Wars Galaxies +

Originally Posted by Al Gorn:
Absolutely shoddy character jump (jumping is visual only and crappy looking to boot. You can't actually jump ON or OVER anything.)
What's sad is that this is actually an improvement over how it worked previously, which was that it didn't do anything.

Typing "/jump" produced the text response "BOING! You leap high into the air."


Of course this is all because of the original design decision that players of SWG would not be allowed to jump onto things (or fly, or swim below the surface of water) since allowing that creates all kinds of extra headaches. Unless you're a veteran of playing or developing these online game things, you wouldn't believe the amount of world-building time that has to be spent placing everything at exactly the right height to prevent players from going places they aren't supposed to go due to a "jump" or "fly" ability. So the "no real jumping" thing is understandable.

Sort of. I mean, the Star Wars saga generally and the Force specifically were about more than just snazzy particle effects, right?


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