Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Player-Run Governments in a Star Trek MMORPG

Originally Posted by Slade:
I've been fascinated with player ran governments for awhile now. Seeing how I'm a roleplayer and I'd believe it'd add a sense of roleplay to ST:O. I'm just wondering if it'd be possible in this type of game.
Originally Posted by CINC-UFPForces-Cardassia:
As of this moment, we don't have any indication from Perpetual, the developers of ST:O, that a structure will be in place for fully player-run governments.
What about the notion of military governors? Kor, for example, was made military governor of Organia, so we know the concept is already part of Star Trek. If Star Trek Online has any kind of strategic element, where taking and holding systems is part of the game, perhaps even the Federation might consider making certain qualified Starfleet officers military governors of strategically important planets.

If other players can be brought in to support this activity, this could involve lots of the kinds of political maneuvering that I suspect players who like the idea of player-run governments are looking for... and that's especially true if there's some kind of competition among groups to see who can develop "their" planet in the most effective way. (Note that "effective" might be defined differently by different players, or for planets whose indigenous populations have different cultural expectations -- a firm hand might be needed on one planet, while lots of diplomatic talent might be required on another.)

If operating the larger starships in a multiplayer mode is space-based content for "fleets" (AKA guilds), maybe military governorships would be the ground-based equivalent. So what might the rules be for determining who gets a military governorship (and the group patronage that would go along with that role)?