Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leeroy Jenkins in Star Trek Online

Originally Posted by Botanybay:
If [individual players could affect Federation policy], ST:O would be a constant war. There will always be a dude to put this virtual galaxy in trouble. It is appealing to dream of this global consequences for your deeds. But small scale consequences are enough I think. And they have the advantage, that the one who makes a stupid decision, that causes his away team to end on sickbay, will be known to be guilty. While in a big scale consequence, no one knows whom to blame.
Originally Posted by Speck of Sand:
I have to say, I nearly died laughing when I read this. I couldn't get the image of a galactic 'Leeroy Jenkins' disrupting the peace of the Universe every five days.
Hmmmmm. I wonder, what might that be like...?


Adjutant: "Sir..."

Admiral: "Yes, Captain?"

Adjutant: "Um..."

Admiral: "Well, spit it out, man, what is it?"

Adjutant: "Sir, it's... Lieutenant Jenkins, sir. Again."

Admiral: [groans] "Right, what's he done this time?"

Adjutant: "Well, sir, it seems there was a slip-up over in Fleet Command, and Lieutenant Jenkins was mistakenly reassigned from Plasma Injector Maintenance to... er... command of the Federation flagship leading the delegation to Romulus."

Admiral: "Oh, well, that's all right, then. Obviously I've gone mad; this can't possibly be real."

Adjutant: "I'm afraid it is, Admiral. Would you like to see the casualty list now?"

Admiral: "... no. Just tell me, Captain: How bad is it, really?"

Adjutant: "Praetor Shinzek is here to discuss the terms of the Federation's surrender with you, sir. Would you like me to set that up in Briefing Room 3?"

Admiral: "LEEEEROYYY!!!"