Thursday, August 30, 2007

Playing As Borg in a Star Trek MMORPG +

Originally Posted by K'ShaQ:
If Perpetual made it so you could control mulitple charachters on the same world (or whatever it is called), you could simply pack a Borg Cube with your own charachters to make it uber-powerful, and then wield it in one voice.
I think this is a great example of how practical questions always have to be considered when suggestions for active gameplay content are made. You're quite right, K'ShaQ; there'll definitely be some players who multibox with multiple accounts.

I'd hate to think this one fact could fatally cripple this idea, though. Things like this are why I included the suggestion that every cube would be considered to have many, many NPC drones on it. As long as the player drones are acting within the reasonable parameters of cube operation, the NPC drones will just sort of contribute in the background to the overall player direction. As players start to stray from acceptable uses of cubes, however, the effect of the NPC drones can increase, acting as a kind of damper on abuses of the system.

For that matter, the developers could always just code a test to see if the characters on a cube are owned by one account, and scale down the effect of that player's choices proportionately. That's kind of a hack, but the situation is one that should be rare enough not to require a major investment of development time and effort to prevent it.

On the other hand, that's just one unhappy possibility -- I'm sure there are others.

So the question is, bearing in mind that (as with darn near every feature that allows players to interact in any way with other players) there'll have to be some special case code written to limit what players can do, is there enough value in the general concept of "cube power directly proportional to the number of distinct player-controlled drones" to make it worth considering for implementation?

Originally Posted by K'ShaQ:
If we really want to be Borg Drones, as your thread's name suggests, couldn't we all take on the role of either rebels from Unimatrix One or some Borg Drones who lost their connection to the Hive mind (the four kids) or gained their individuality (Hugh's Borg)? They could still be big and dangerous but have more power.
That's a popular idea. I personally can't work up too much enthusiasm for it, however, because I think it loses the soullessness that gives the Borg their power to creep us out. An ex-Borg character is basically just a racial (human, Vulcan, etc.) character with some special Borg capabilities -- mildly interesting, but not nearly as interesting as experiencing "WE ARE THE BORG" from the inside.

I'm not opposed to the idea of ex-Borg characters. I'm just a lot more interested in finding a way to allow players to play unreconstructed Borg drones.