Friday, June 15, 2007

Designing Women +

Originally Posted by Or'ab Ibo:
The thing that intrigued me about SWG was a lot of women Played the entertainer profession. It didn't require fighting to level up! Image designing was a big hit too. Clothing crafters ...

Don't forget about Creature Handlers (back when SWG had Creature Handlers). For some reason, professions or classes that allow characters to own and play with pets (and I mean animals, not undead) are extremely popular with women. It'll be interesting to see whether the return of some of the Creature Handler abilities in their new "Beast Master" guise will increase SWG's subscriber numbers by attracting women to the game.

And to try desperately to remain on the topic I hoped to promote, I'm pretty sure that the original Creature Handler profession of SWG was designed by a man.

Does that tell us anything interesting?