Friday, May 25, 2007

Infinity: The Quest for Earth +

As I said previously, I'm in love with the idea of sagans of procedurally-generated planets in a galaxy. I always thought it could be done well, and Infinity seems to be bearing out that prediction.

OTOH, the gameplay sounds like an even more Hobbesian gankfest than EVE Online, and that just holds zero attraction for me. I am so tired of the constant, unremitting, dog-eat-dog competition in these MMORPG things that I'm just not going to play another one of them. I've got no problem with competitive gameplay; I think it serves a useful social role and it's usually worth implementing in online games... I'm just tired of it taking over every game.

I would find it incredibly refreshing to play a game where the standard mode of play is to work constructively with other players to achieve some worthwhile goal. A Tale In The Desert offers something like that, but it appears to be a little too much about grinding out 10,000 bricks to suit my taste. Even so, at least it tries to get past the zero-sum mentality.

Where I get the willies about Infinity is that everything I've seen so far points to a zero-sum, competitive environment that would make Thomas Hobbes blush. An RPG applies at least some restraints on human brutishness; Infinity shows no signs so far that such controls are even being imagined.

So to repeat what I said before: I wish Flavien & Co. well; I hope Infinity meets their goals for success. The procedural generation of worlds is a great idea that deserves to win.

It's everything else about Infinity that's making me think there's no way I'll want to play in that world.