Tuesday, September 7, 2004

SWG: The Path to Becoming Force Sensitive +

Malicoris wrote:
On a side note, I'm curious as to why non-combat proffesion oriented players would even want to be Jedi to begin with. You think they carry lightsabers to chop down trees to build houses with? I mean, you got bounty hunters, the whole galactic civil war thing goin' on, and so on an so forth. What're you gonna do when a BH picks your name off a terminal, throw crafting tools at him?

Just on a pure gameplay level, Force Sensitivity could offer bonuses to crafting. In SWG, where only Master-level stuff sells, the advantages really matter.

But more importantly, who says being a Jedi is ONLY about fighting? Being a "keeper of peace" in the Old Republic wasn't just about chopping off limbs, which any buffoon with a reasonably sharp piece of metal can do -- it was primarily about having the wit to understand difficult situations and determine the course of action most likely to resolve the situation peacefully.

Sometimes peaceful resolution isn't possible, at which point "aggressive negotiating" may be appropriate. In fact, I would argue that negotiations with a lightsaber should probably be the most common type of diplomacy practiced by Jedi in SWG, and for three reasons:

  • this isn't the Old Republic; it is a time of unrest in the galaxy

  • SWG is a game, not a conflict resolution simulation

  • Star Wars and SWG are primarily about experiencing thrilling adventure
So sure, Jedi in SWG ought to be able to fight. But the fighting ought to be for a reason; even Dark Jedi don't just whip out the lightsaber and start randomly killing things without some larger purpose in mind. If being a Jedi is about solving problems (rather than just random murder), then there ought to be other gameplay styles available to Jedi that are other ways to solve problems.

The developers of KOTOR understood this concept (though they didn't take it as far as I'd have liked). If you wanted to play KOTOR in full-frontal hack-n-slash mode, you could do so by building your Strength/Dexterity to be a Jedi Guardian. But KOTOR also let you focus on gaining enhanced Force powers through improving your Intelligence/Wisdom as a Jedi Consular. You could even choose a balance between the two playstyles as a Jedi Sentinel. So why shouldn't SWG take a similar approach to welcome both combat-oriented and puzzle/social-oriented players?

If you're not forced to be a great diplomat to be a Jedi in SWG, why should others be forced to be great fighters to be Jedi?