Monday, September 6, 2004

SWG: Orbital Bombardment and Defense of Player Cities


Allow players with starfighters to launch to space from hangars in player cities that are being struck by orbital bombardment.

  • Starship Engineers can craft different kinds of bombs

  • "bomber"-type ships can drop bombs on player cities

  • different types of bombs do different types of damage:

    • ion bombs -- reduce condition of city's shield generator

    • concussion bombs -- reduce condition of structures in area of effect (once city shield is down)

    • "neutron" bombs -- reduce player/creature pet HAM in area of effect (once city shield is down)

  • Armorsmiths can craft city shield generators

  • Weaponsmiths can craft city defense guns

  • player cities can place city shield generators

  • player cities can place city defense guns

  • player cities can place a "hangar" structure

  • player starfighters can launch to space from hangars as a group

  • only designated members of the squadron (not just any passing ship owner) can use the city hangar

  • squadron will spawn in space near the bombarding ship(s)
  • JtL starfighter pilots get to attack something besides other ships

  • player city-based starfighter pilots get to defend their city

  • cities have ways to defend themselves (city shield, city guns, city starfighter squadron)

  • provides appropriate role for bombers

  • new objects for Starship Engineers, Armorsmiths, and Weaponsmiths to craft

  • has clear value to the GCW

  • showcases iconic Star Wars content (visuals/sounds/methods of Imperial attack on Hoth base)
  • need to synchronize fire between servers:

    • when a ship fires, it should affect the city a few seconds later

    • when a city gun fires, it should affect ships in orbit a few seconds later

  • create new art assets (bombs, city shield, city guns, hangar) and code to make them functional

  • allow some bombardment damage but not instantanous obliteration of the target city (balance)

  • allow player cities to survive a bombardment even if no member of the city owns the JtL expansion
  • What if a city doesn't have a hangar/guns/shield? Should there be a cap on orbital bombardment damage?

  • How can cities defend themselves (or even survive) if no one in the city has bought the JtL expansion?

  • Should Armor/Weaponsmiths be able to make city shields/guns if they don't own the JtL expansion?

  • Should squadron ships be able to launch when the city isn't being attacked?
Assuming the challenges (including the ones I didn't think of) can be overcome, would this be a sufficiently valuable addition to gameplay to jusify the costs of development?